Commission Work


$6 per model for table top quality. The offered price will get all the base colors and some highlights for a great tabletop ready miniature! (I had looked at offering a 3 color paint scheme, but hated the look of such an unfinished model.)

This price changes based on the size of models and is set for a 28mm scale infantry model. Reasonable increases for size will be establish on an individual basis (at the moment looking at a base level of $12 for cavalry/terminator sized models and $35 for larger tanks/monsters).

I also offer building and modeling work. If you don't feel comfortable with the build process and just want a wonderful display piece, I can help you out. Fees for this service are still being hammered out, but likely range from $2/model (for 28mm infantry) to $20 plus for tanks and larger.

This is also a great option for anyone from away. For a very minimal increase in the cost of your order, I can buy the models here in Halifax from the local GW (or order them in from your requested source) and save on one side of the shipping! This would, of course, be worked out in advance so both of us can be pleased with the outcome.

All prices subject to change (both up and down) based on the size of order or speed of return requested. If you're in the Halifax region we can meet up to do the model exchange, if not I will contact Canada Post and quote a shipping price -before- we make the contract.

So a recap:
Infantry 28mm: starting at $6 per model
Calvary/Terminator sized: starting at $12 per model
Tank/Monster sized: starting at $20 - $35 depending on the size.

These prices reflect both a longer paint time on larger models, and also an increase in detail. The bigger the model, the more it's going to stand out on the table and we should cover that to some level. If you want a higher quality model, we can discuss that as well!

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